7/02/2017…President Trump

A couple of days ago I was asked the question,
“Does Donald Trump think he’s a Dictator?”

The short answer…No, not in the least.
The long answer:
He is a Business man, first and foremost.
As such, President Trump is there to promote and sell his “Brand”, his “product”, and subsequent to that also to protect his “Brand” and “Product”.
President Donald Trump’s “Brand” is now the United States of America, and he has to promote all the Products of the USA, while also protecting the USA from any economic, military, or social threats that endanger America’s existence.
That is his job…full stop.
With the current provoked and distracting upheavals worldwide, adding to the fallout from previous US administrations and their very poor self-serving decisions, lack of long-term vision and arrogant displays of greed and power…President Trump has his work cut-out for him.
Which also means that there are some hard decisions ahead with equally hard repercussions.
President Trump must lead, not follow.

How he does it, is up to him, but most likely he will run America as the business it is: the largest and greatest business in the world. President Trump will run the USA in the most efficient cost-effective way possible, while still trying to protect [its] workforce, institutions, traditions, customs and culture.
President Trump will run the USA like it is “USA incorporated”, which really, is precisely what it is.
The interesting thing to note: once you sift through all the media lies, disinformation and miss-truths, you will notice that President Trump is one of America’s most successful businessmen.
The man knows his Job.

But everyone assumes he does NOT know his job, that he is seriously flawed, a failure, a walking nuclear time-bomb, a misogynist (sigh), etc, etc…(you no-doubt get the picture).
If [you] do believe all the relentless and continual negative propaganda, there are some questions [you] need to seriously ask yourself and those like-minded on the Left of the political sphere…

By what argument(s) do [you] base [your] assumptions?
What are [your] sources of relevant information?
Do [you] assume disaster because he has not previously served or stood for an elected position?
Or do [you] just simply believe without question all the Corporate Media left-wing Democrat sourced propaganda? (All of which had been brought to light during Hillary Clinton’s disastrous run for the Presidency)
If [you] so believe the vitriol aimed at him, President Trump, why do you?
What facts, what arguments convinced you without a doubt that the Corporate Mainstream Media is telling the truth?

An observation from afar…
For years the average (Western) citizen-voter has cried out for “someone different”, someone who can effect change, someone who will ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING, instead of simply maintaining the western lop-sided status-quo.
Well, as the truism states: “Watch what you wish for…you just might get it”

President Trump is that “Truth” America currently and desperately needs at this moment in her history, at this threshold fork-in-the-road of her future. And if it wasn’t Donald Trump, it would have to be someone very like him. A Leader of Nations, not a caretaker of “business as usual”
No, President Trump is not a smooth-tongued politically wind-blown icon of diplomacy, “The professional career politician”. No, he is not that in the least, and thank God for that small mercy.
President Trump is a billionaire business man who earned his stripes and fortune in the cut-throat high-stakes real-estate market of Manhattan. [He] has written the sales book, “The Art of the Deal”, arguably the best selling sales book of all time, and his election campaign was pure genius in the way it was produced and presented.
The perfect ‘whole story’ redemption arc. A Hollywood movie script designed to tell a fictional story of a Presidential “against-all-odds” election in similar vein to what has actually happened could not have been better written and presented.
The subtlety of genius and masterful public engagement was evident every step of the way throughout the entire Presidential election cycle. The weaving of [his] vision in a narrative always portraying a clear overarching goal leaves no-doubt the man knew what his job must entail and what he must do, and what he must get the people of the Nation to do for “change” to exist, for “change” to thrive, for “change” to benefit everyone.

To change America and its unbalanced status-quo, burgeoning class-war and declining world leadership, President Trump MUST “Make America Great Again”. It is the only way to stop the repeat of History, mirroring of the fall of the Rome, in and of itself a tragic creeping sequence of events that led to the dissolution of The Roman Empire and subsequent horror of the Dark ages. This civilization-destroying tragedy is replaying in real-time, in our time.  It is an age-old abyss whose crumbled edge was long ago left behind.
In modern parlance: an incident-pit within which America has fallen into. An incident-pit has deceptively shallow edges, at first..but the further into it you circle, the steeper the sides become, until there is no possible way to climb out. America has been circling around the pit for some decades now, slowly getting deeper within, slowly falling, the pit’s sides becoming ever steeper, ever more difficult to reverse course.  Imitating in ignorance the historic lessons of Rome, the ever-deepening mire of corruption and bureaucratic malfeasance, America is speeding up the process by the incremental abandonment of its Constitutional core principles.
Until now.
Until President Trump.
This man, this Leader recognized the decline and fall has to stop, and the nations course reversed before it cannot be reversed, cannot be saved.
I see no-other person even remotely capable of doing that, nor do I see or hear any valid well researched and truthful, factual, argument against President Trump and his vision.
But with all pivotal moments in history, those who live through the moment rarely realize the depth and breadth of that moment’s importance, or the core characters within that moment who shape the future to come.
Personally I have hope, I see a bright, if distant, future.

Time will tell

Michael John Kildare


Published by

The Bear Works

I am an Australian male fighting hard to make common sense of a world and civilization that appears to be tumbling down the rabbit hole. I cherish all the small everyday moments that, in totality, by-pass mere existence, forming, shaping and growing an individual Life...an individual's Life. And so I write...

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