After reading several of my News Feeds, a broad selection of mainstream and alternative News and Current affairs sites, (having been culled somewhat since the recent revelations of favoured Democratic collusion), I find myself deeply saddened and pessimistic for the future of the West in general.

America, you’re breaking my heart, you’re killing me, you’re killing all hope. You are going places I and the majority of other Western bred people do not want to go.

You have tried since World War Two to lead the world, be “The Example”, fight for what is morally, ethically, right. Often this goal of moral and ethical freedom, of decency and fairness, seemed very distant, murky and obscure. But with sleeves rolled-up and a little extra effort and due diligence, compassion and empathy, these goals were still attainable….still worthy of the struggle, the effort.

Still worthy of the rest of the world’s belief and faith in you.

Sadly, heartbreakingly, this reality is no more.

No, I’m not for Trump, and most definitely neither am I for Hillary, (who I think should be in jail), but I am disgusted how all talk, conjecture, and “thinking” for this Presidential election has become farcical, ludicrous, degenerate, and outright bullshit.

From both sides.

It saddens me very deeply at how little these two parties, these two candidates, and the main culprit: The Media,…how little they think of the intelligence of the average American, and by default the rest of the Western world.

Simply put: You are dumb. You are stupid. You cannot ask critical questions for an American future. You must believe what we tell you.


America, >sigh< you really need to take stock and look at yourself, because you’re rapidly sinking into blood-soaked obscurity….and bringing the rest of the West (that which you claim to still lead) down into the bottomless pit with you.


We stand upon the edge,

looking down upon suicidal oblivion.


The Bear,



Published by

The Bear Works

I am an Australian male fighting hard to make common sense of a world and civilization that appears to be tumbling down the rabbit hole. I cherish all the small everyday moments that, in totality, by-pass mere existence, forming, shaping and growing an individual Life...an individual's Life. And so I write...

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